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Hey @ankita_251995 – great to hear from you. :slight_smile:

This might help! UX Glossary


Hi everyone,

I am brand new to UX Design! I’m ready to explore and see where this interest takes me. Seems like a fascinating field.

Where in the world are you?

What stage of your career are you at?
Just finished my degree in Psychology. Taking a year break to work then going back next year to complete my honours in Human Factors. During this year I am hoping to explore HF and UX Design specifically.

What are you current challenges?
Currently deciding what I need to learn to get started in this career. Also, making an informed choice as to whether this is indeed the career I want to pursue.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Usability testing
Other topics are yet to be explored.

Coming from a background in Architecture and Psychology my interest has always been in exploring and applying how people interact with and are affected by environments - physical and virtual.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs, definitely dogs. We have 3 dashunds that melt my heart and any dog is a friend. Best quote: "the great thing about dogs is you can act like something really great just happened and they’ll start celebrating with you. They have no idea what the context is… they’re just always ready to party."
Although, my family has 2 abyssinian/somali cats that are too darn cute - never known other cats to be like that.


Welcome @brittany_anne_lock – what part of Australia are you in?


Hi Sarah @HAWK

I live in Perth, Western Australia :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

I’ve been a part of this great community for a while, but I am really bad about introducing myself. :slight_smile:

Where in the world are you?
San Francisco, CA
What stage of your career are you at?
I have been practicing UX for over 15 years. I am currently the Lead UX Instructor at a bootcamp in San Francisco called GrowthX Academy.
What are your current challenges?
Teaching people transitioning to UX from other careers to be great UX Researchers & Designers in just 12 weeks!
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
All of it! But education the most.
Cats or dogs?
I like both, but have 2 cats that I adore.


Ha! Good on you Julia. :slight_smile:


San Francisco, producer with 2 decades experience working in UX, challenged to figure out what’s the most important thing to do next, passionate about accessibility and any kind of cross-functional tools that enable and streamline the discovery to design to prototype to dev process. I love both cats and dogs - i live with 2 cats but volunteer as a dog walker at the local animal shelter a few hours a week.


Hello from Canberra! :grinning:


Welcome Mindy.

Fantastic – accessibility and inclusivity is our theme for the month. Do you have any favourite blogs/resources?


Welcome!!! this is a great community…


Hi everyone :blush: Glad to be part of this great community.

  • Where in the world are you?
    I’m from Iasi, Romania.

  • What stage of your career are you at?
    I have 1 year and 4 months working experience as a Graphic/UI Designer at a web development company, looking to learn more UX-related stuff.

  • What are you current challenges?
    Too little time, too much to cover, UX learning-wise.

  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    I am really interested in the accessibility part and also in usability testing.

  • Cats or dogs?
    Both, but especially cats :smiley:


Hi Danny,

Just did quick search to see any community members in Ireland, welcome to UXmastery tis a great resource. I’m based in Galway, been doing UX on the side for a while now, along with my regular.

I hear you about clients not always intersted in the user needs.

All the best, Paddy


Welcome! :slight_smile:

You should connect with @madzlut – Mindy is also new to our community but has loads of UX experience and is passionate about accessibility.

Unrelated – there are people from so many cool countries here now. Shall we start a topic for posting a photo of where people are from?


Welcome to life in the tech world :slight_smile:

And more importantly, welcome to UXMastery!


Hi Hawk, others - Happy to be here, thanks for the warm welcome. For
accessibility resources, I love the a11y sections in the Microsoft and BBB
GEL design system sites. Smashing also has great coverage on accessibility-
their book on inclusive design is excellent.


Accessibility was a big focus at the Smashing Conference in San Francisco this year. For something that doesn’t get a lot of attention from different circles, it was nice to see web professionals come together and give some great talks about it.


Excited to be here!

I’m in Austin, TX. I’ve been designing for 17 years, and began moving more into UX 10 years ago because I really love understanding people and making something that is useful and enjoyable for them.


Hey Wendy, cool to hear from you. Are you working in an agency or a larger organisation?