In your country, what language do you need to be web designer?


I’m very curious about this topic cause the definition of web designer is different from country to country, for example some countries define a web designer as a person who knows design and programing (Javascript and php etc).

I wanna know where you are from and which language you need to be web designer like the following.

Country : Japan
Language: HTML,CSS,*JavaScript, *wordpress

*As to JavaScript, you don’t have to know everything about it but at least how it works.
Plus you basically just need to know how to customize jQuery.

I really wanna know to what extent I should learn JS or php if I need to learn them as web designer in some countries.

Thanks in advance for your help !


I’d recommend learning HTML,CSS and JS but you don’t need PHP to be a designer.


Thank you very much for your reply !!

May I ask you where you are from and to what extent I should learn JS ?


Sure. I’m from NZ.

JS – beginner to intermediate I guess. You can always build on that if you need to. There are also lots of UX roles that don’t require any coding experience at all.


I’m trying to find job abroad, so your tips are informative !

My friend from UK also told me that I just need to know basic JS like just how it works.

I thought even web designer also had to understand and be able to code programming languages ( at least JS/ php) .


Yup, that’s quite possibly true. There are so many different jobs and expectations that it’s very difficult to give an across-the-board answer.

Right, that is definitely an expectation but we’re specifically UX practitioners, which is very different to web or UI designers (although many people are both).


Ahhh I see.

There are some Japanese blogs mentioning that you need to know JS/ php but NOT what extent you have to learn programming to work as web designer abroad so I was very wondering about it.

UX designer seems interesting and attractive job!

Do you know any other countrie’s situation ?

Like what languages do they expect you to understand as web designer ?

(Ofc it depends on the company as you said)


You might be better off getting this info on a design/developer forum like because UX is a very different field so we’re not really the right audience for this question.

That said, you’re very welcome to stay if you want to learn more about UX. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your recommendation and I’ll check it out !