Imposter Syndrome Conundrum

I am working in a new startup as the only designer working on the UI & UX of the product, marketing material and brand identity development, so there is a fair amount of weight on my shoulders… whenever I have review/feedback sessions, I feel like I am just disappointing the people I work with and failing at my job…

Does anyone else experience this? What do you do to deal with these feelings of inadequacy?

Hi Zoran,

I’m sorry to hear that, it depends on your experience though, just make sure the working culture you’re in is manageable and respectful.

the question is who get disappointed in the view/feedback sessions ? senior designers ? stakeholders ?
sometimes, u just go with the flow and don’t fight too much about it, the truth is sometimes the big boss don’t want to hear about the users neither care which is really disappointed however, you cant save the sinking ship alone, it takes a whole team.

try do your best and try to understand their need.


Mind sharing some of these examples that have made you feel inadequate from those review/feedback sessions?

Keep in mind that you have one job: Make the company money.

Work is not a social event, and feelings should be the last thing to prevent you from growing. Feedback can come in all forms from fluffy to sledgehammer brutal, and if you feel your design work is not good enough, you may need to ask yourself well why not. Keep in mind you may have spectacular work, but the reviewers may have impossible expectations. That is when your convincing and logical skills need to kick in to prove why your work is expected to generate revenue.