Importance of greeting the visitor with fresh/updated content


Hi guys,
I need some help. I’m trying to convince the team I work with that regularly updating the content on our homepage and greeting our visitors with fresh material will engage our users, increase visitors, increase their time spent on our site and in the long run increase conversion rates. But I’m trying to back my arguments up and I’m not having much luck on google. Am I even right in believing this? What do you think? How important is actually fresh/updated content on the homepage?
(Fyi; the company I work for is an ecommerce & retail business in the UK selling products mainly in home & leisure).
Appreciate any input.


Why do you think that fresh content on the homepage will lead to better engagement, increased visitors/conversions etc? It will good to understand your thinking behind this hypothesis

If it’s an ecommerce store, I’d assume that there is a hero promo and it gets updated regularly? Is this the type of fresh content you’re referring to or more than that?


Thanks for your reply! When I’ve been reading articles online and watching videos on UX, I remember hearing many times that it’s important to update your content on the website and especially home page. I understand one of the reasons are for SEO purposes, but in the context I believe they we’re referring to the visitor experience. Since this is a topic that is now especially relevant to me, I want to find all the facts and data to back this up, but I can’t find much. So I’m starting to doubt this whole belief in the first place. Hence my post!

Personally I believe that updating the home page and greeting visitor will make them more likely to – and interested in – coming back (since they’d want to see what new products are in, what new sales are on offer etc). I also think it’s a chance to connect to the audience – make them see us less like a profit-oriented, static business and more of a company that matches their personality, knows what’s going on in their lives and communicates to them like a friend. I believe people want to by from people, and not from businesses.

We do update our hero / home page banner regularly, but mainly recycling the same content (a couple of different banners) over and over. For example, the last 2 months, the main banner has been alternating between 2 designs. I believe it needs to be updated more frequently and the material refreshed. Again, I’m having difficulty arguing my case so if anyone has any good articles on the subject, or any particular experiences, please let me know!


This sounds like it might be in the crossover between UX & CRO. Perhaps do some reading over on


This sounds like something that is hard to measure. I’m not sure how you can prove that changing the content regularly improves conversions, even if it does? There’s just too many variables involved. And without proof, buy-in will be more difficult.

If you want buy-in, I think you need to start smaller. Goals should be measurable e.g. banner A vs Banner B. Have you got A/B or multivariate testing set up?

I get your point about being more human. Does your ecommerce platform support personalisation?