I'm rookie ui designer. I need feedback :)


Link to shots:
#1: https://dribbble.com/shots/4582483-Beats-user-interface-concept
#2: https://dribbble.com/shots/4690720-Bignite


Hi Max,
We’re a UX focussed community so while some people here are also UI designers, feedback on visual design isn’t something we generally do. I’ll leave your post here in case others have the time or inclination, but it’s not likely I’m afraid. We can give feedback on process.


@HAWK I believe that UI is also a part of UX since it can compromise UX. I will review your feedback on dribbble @pradella_maks


Technically no, it is not. UX design doesn’t have to be digital. Even in cases where it is, many digital UX practitioners do not do the UI design. UX is about the process that happens around the design.


I agree that UX design doesn’t have to be digital. I believe UX is everywhere and in everything. Even the chair or bed you are sitting right now. What you feel when you sit there. How you feel. Is it comfortable or not? That is UX but that has UI too. My point was that if you design really crappy UI which effects experience of Users. The whole research part and all will be wasted since they wont be able to use the product.


Yup, I agree with most of what you say here, but I think the distinction is important. Not all UXers design UIs and we are here to discuss the process, rather than the outcome. There are many, many design communities which focus on graphic and UI design, but our focus is elsewhere.

That said, you are very welcome to help out here if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


I was pushed to work on both sides rather than one so I do like both now but I know I have to choose UX over UI in future and focus only on UX that but right now I have to do both at work.

Yeah, I will help him. Are you on Dribble? @HAWK


Or her. :slight_smile:
No, I’m not.