I'm researching researchers - help me recruit some!


Hey Community!

I’m working on a user research project that requires me to go research some researchers - this is new for me!! I’m specifically looking for people who work in-house.

So, if you are an in-house UX professional that does user research and are available for a one-on-one 60 minute chat over webinar within the next 2 weeks (session times TBC), then please fill out my screener!

(If you’re a freelancer/consultant/agency employed person, I’m afraid you’re out this time around!)

Filling out the screener will not necessarily result in selection for a user interview but I will be eternally grateful to you! And if you do end up in the hot seat, I can give you a $60 USD Amazon voucher for your time.

Thanks in advance everyone!


PS. There will be social media posts for this too and any shares and RT will also be much appreciated!
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Calling @UX_Researchers