I'm Looking for Designers Doing Good in Their Community

So, I’ve been asked to speak at my first UX Conference. I’ll be at UX Copenhagen in March! I’m super excited to have a chance to be on-stage, share some UX knowledge, and meet some great UXers from around the world.

The focus of the conference is “Influence and Design for Good.” My talk is centered around designers doing good in their community through smaller passion projects, and how we can all do the same thing, today, to make the little bit of the world around us a better place.

I’ve already come across some great examples, such as TapOff helping to save Cape Town from running out of water, a local designer helping to bring up new talent in the extremely rough tech landscape that is Nigeria, and designers using their skills to help the homeless.

And while these stories are great, I know there are more out there.

This is where you come in. I need help finding these projects, these designers, these stories.

Do you have any that you’d recommend to me? Are you working on something of your own? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Congrats on landing the UX speaking gig! I love the topic.

I could rattle off a few larger collectives (such as GoodForNothing, HowMightWeDoGood, the projects mentioned on AIGAs DesignForGood webcast series) and social enterprises using design (like Thankyou and many others), but I’m actually struggling to think of stories about individuals or small groups of designers.

Hmm. Obviously I need to pay better attention.

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Large collectives are interesting as well, and I’ll definitely check them out. Thank you very much!

Congrats on your first UX Conference! I find this topic very interesting. I’m still new to social impact initiatives but it has been something I’ve been trying to focus more on lately. I’ve recently signed up for bridgeforbillions.org where I volunteer as a mentor for start-ups focused on social impact. One of the start-ups I’m currently helping through their process (from a user-centered point of view) is called Synerge, a start-up aiming to create a sustainable community / platform to provide an incentive for people to live more sustainably through a gamified approach. I’m available if you ever want to have a chat about these topics. Good luck.


Thanks Ana! I will take you up on that :slight_smile: