I'm interested in your feedback on a UX course


Hi, I am creating a training course on how to talk to clients when working on UX projects and all tools we have to communicate are web based services like hangouts and join.me or a telephone line. A starting point is this article (http://uxmastery.com/20-tips-selling-ux-clients/) that really helped a lot, but still I need to find material on phone conversation skills, active listening while you don’t see your counterpart, or if the video call is on, then how to convey the body language on screen, how to be more of a consultant than a order follower, and how to really gain your clients trust while over the phone, I know that asking the right questions is a skill that must be in our UX tool box. I have some ideas, but I would like to hear thoughts from the community. Thanks.


this is very very important :wink:

Well, you can learn a lot finding info from other sources: salesman, dale carnegie “how to win friends and influence people”, how to speech, body language…and then focus these skills to the course…


@visualbug thanks for your comments, that is a book I would like to read.