I'm bored, it's time for pet photos


Who has fur-babies? Let’s see them…


My last cat, Rosie, being derpy.

I loved Rosie with all my heart, but as the birth of my son got closer and closer, Rosie got meaner and meaner. It got to the point where she eventually turned on both my wife and I, and the week before he was born we had to give her up for adoption (at the same no-kill shelter we originally got her from) as it simply wasn’t safe to have her in our home with our new baby.

It absolutely broke my heart to give her up, but I’m hoping she’s found a better home by now.

I’ve read that this is actually pretty common in cats that live with pregnant women, and my sister-in-law had a very similar issue.

On the other hand, whatever hole Rosie left in my heart has been filled a million times over with my son. He just started walking last week!

My son's #FirstSteps to me! It's a common milestone, but sometimes it's the common things that make me the proudest.#parenthood #walking #proudpapa pic.twitter.com/wuWvLP53OL

— Doug Collins (@DougCollinsUX) June 30, 2018


That’s sad. I’m sorry.



This is Toothless. I love him dearly, but he lives with a friend of mine out in the country now. He’s happier this way, being an apartment dog kind of stunk.


Has he got teeth?


He’s not really toothless. He just looks like him. He’s an amazing dog.


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User gets what you say :joy::joy: