Im a terrible artist and sketcher, but a good designer and photographer

They say like singing, anyone can learn to draw. Im not convinced lol.

Anybody else like me better at designing things?

Evenbuilding things that I design Im better at.

U struggle to learn from books, Im one of those people who will read 4 pages and go, wt… did I just read and start all over again. But have someone show me how or give me a video and Im all over it.

Dont get me wrong, smallthings like a 10 page tutorial I can handle, but I struggle.

WHy is that?

Through photography I learn colour, before learning web development, then learnings colour and the human experience.

Id love to be able to sketch, Id probably not use Balsamiq rofl, and that would be my best drawings hehe.

Same with me I am also not a good in sketching but when Photoshop is with my I can create interesting designs

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I think that everyone has their strengths and, unless you’re mindfully choosing something to enhance about yourself, you shouldn’t worry too much about what you can’t do… Work on doing what you can do, and do it well.

I think this thread might be helpful.

Imposter syndrome


You don’t need to be a great sketcher to be a great designer. You just need to be good enough to get your ideas across.

Don’t go for “art” with your sketches, go for “communication.” It’s a different skillset, and a different mindset.

You’ll never get better at anything you don’t practice. Work on it for a few minutes every day, read an article or two, and keep plugging away. You’ll see improvement, and seeing improvement leads to working harder. Good luck!


Excellent advice.

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Yes, Im interested though in how people on here learn best etc. I dont think Im alone in being one of those that struggle to learn from books but cant follow a tutorial in person or a video,