Illustrator artboard size question


When I select the file type, Illustrator automatically generates the artboard of the right dimensions for me. (e.g. iPhone 5) However, the width and height are actually much bigger than the size on real device. Why is that?

Please let me know if you have an answer.


It may be allowing for retina displays or device-independent pixels. Which version of illustrator are you using, and what artboard size is it giving you? Do you have ‘resolution independence’ checked when setting up your artboard?


These two sites might be helpful for you:


Hi Lukcha,
Thank you for your reply. I 'm using AI CC 2015. When I select iPhone5 as the device, the artboard size it gives me is 1136px (height) * 640 (width). I do not see “resolution independence” when setting up my artboard.

Trying to upload a screenshot but not sure if you could see it.
<imgsrc="/uploads/uxmastery/original/1X/ae8ea902ab618cf6c24832495445166d1ace52fe.png" width=“546” height=“500”>


And the links are really helpful. I saved them for later reference.

Thank you so much.