Illuminate me please!


its pleasure to find this community and be part of it,

I am a graphic designer, I have been working on this field since 2008, and recently I worked as UI designer.

NOW, I want to learn about UX, am looking for something could enlight me the fundamentals, Notions and the basics of UX, can someone help me with that. I found a lot of websites, blogs but make me lost a little bit I feel like everyone talks from its experience…also, am thinking to take a boot camp between CF, UXacademy or general assembly but am confused, can you help me with my decision how I can choose a paid-courses. and based on what exctaly ?

my third question, I live in D.C. and am looking for some people so I can meet with them and discuss stuff about UX/UI

sorry for my English am a french guy!


Here’s a chart that might help,

Check out to find groups in your area. To start off, check out The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman. It’s a book or you can do the video course for free on Udacity.