If you would have to be the interviewer


Hi community!

The other day I was thinking about the questions as a UX/UI Designer I had to answer in a interview. But then I did myself the next question:

“If I would have to be the interviewer, which questions I would ask?” (This is not my case hehe)

What do you think are the skills you are searching for a good UX/UI Designer and why?


I look more for potential as most tactical skills can be taught on the job. Communication skills and positive behaviors are critical, so walking me through various projects is how I interview.


Past experience, and like jdebari mentioned, potential.

I’d ask them about their previous projects and work history, their processes, their methodologies, their challenges, their solutions etc.

For potential, I’d probe into their rough future roadmap, and their current level of interest in the field. Are they active in the community, read industry blogs, do UX stuff in their spare time etc

Maybe throw in some questions about their favourite website, app or product is from a UX point of view?

A good attitude, positivity, communication, likability, confidence in their abilities are other things I’d look for