If there was one thing you could change


As most of you know, we’re embarking on a site redesign/forum integration project in the coming weeks/months.

We’ll be moving off vBulletin (yay!!) and onto a Wordpress integrated platform (customised BBPress). That platform will obviously have limitations, but I want to minimise those.

What is the number one thing that you would change about this current forum?


I don’t like having to delete my notificiations to make the red numbers at the top disappear - I wish it knew when I’ve looked at them. It’s petty I know but that’s my only issue with it :slight_smile:


My biggest gripe is the occasional time-out errors when you’re in the middle of writing a post.

That and the inconsistencies around entering text and uploading attachments. It feels like that button bar above the text entry window was a cobbled-together after thought, designed by totally different teams and then they couldn’t even agree whether to group them on the left or the right, so they just put half and half. Which results in the ability to add inline attachments separately from stuff that sits at the bottom of the post, but sometimes that doesn’t work and sometimes it works for you but others don’t have permissions. Bleh, it’s just whack. And the whole profile thing seems over complicated as well.

But I do love that people’s personality comes through here, both with their avatar and username but also their post count, reputation and groups. It encourages long form conversation (like our debates) and that seems to go hand in hand with more thoughtful conversations, which is distinct from Twitter and something I value highly.

Edit: Sorry, that wasn’t really one thing, was it? :smiley:


My biggest gripe is the occasional time-out errors when you’re in the middle of writing a post.

That is irritating.

I do really like the reputation points :slight_smile:


I hate that you can’t do @ mentions.


Hi on thing i’ve noticed is then on the forum with my ipad, returns between paragraphs don’t register, so it looks like one long rambling post.
Also agree with link buttons 2 on the left and 3 on the right, could probably look at these.