Ideas/Examples of a way to apply a settings change across many items?


I’ve really been struggling with a good idea or even an example of a site where you can change the settings for multiple widgets at once. So for example if I have 20 items on my site that are all the same widget but I want to change them all to be a $20 registration fee, ideas for either when I edit one to give an option to update all others or ideas on a good way to lay out a page with all of the widget options and all you to apply them to all selected widgets? Each item would have a lot of settings so I’m really struggling with ideas for this. Please help!!


Hi John. I think we’d need to see an example of what you mean to be able to help here. My gut feel is that changing a ton of form elements on screen at once doesn’t make a lot of sense, and may suggest that the layout and grouping of information needs revisiting, to spread it out over a few different screens, or possibly with a tabs metaphor.

Can you post a screenshot, so we can take a look?


Sure, so in this case it is a sports website. It is arranged as Sport>League>Division>Team. So every sport page has similar settings for the sport, every league page has similar settings for the league, etc. Typically the settings are not the same for all leagues, but sometimes someone messes up and forgets to set a fee to charge and wants to set all of their leagues to charge a fee. Currently they need to go to every league and adjust that setting. However, it may not be every league, it may just be certain leagues that charge that they need to adjust. I hope I explained it decently, sort of hard to do haha.

Basically we’re looking for a way to easily allow them to adjust a setting such as payment required and then say they want to apply that setting to certain other leagues (or a template page where they can make a change and set it to apply to certain leagues). I haven’t really seen this done well though so I’d love examples if you can think of any site that does this or have any ideas. It has been killing us over here trying to come up with a great user experience for this.