I'd love some input on my portfolio



Would love some input on my portfolio: https://bit.ly/RylandConsulting

Please critique my UX portfolio

No worries Dan, happy to help.

Would you mind giving someone else feedback on theirs as per this post?


The entire portfolio is a pdf? @dougcollins will love it!


Hey Dan,
Here goes:

  • I love the use of colour. Your design looks slick and professional.
  • There is an error in your main tagline ("that design and building beautiful User Interfaces & Experiences)
  • Your use of capitals is a bit confusing

The main thing that stands out to me is the lack of detail in your case studies. They are all a good snapshot that touch on part of the process but they could do with a lot more detail, including images of the stages you went through to reach the end product.


@kwedo knows me too well :slight_smile:

For the record, I don’t think having your portfolio in PDF format is necessarily bad thing, but it’s not something I’d put on my site.


Done! Thanks @HAWK


Only PDF due to not being able to overly share the projects at the time :slight_smile:

I’m now in the process of moving it to web (which I had always planned)


Appreciate the feedback… I’ll correct those errors :sweat:

I think you’re right, I need to develop each case study with further depth.

Thanks again @HAWK!!


I am not sure if it is just me but I feel the color contrast of white text against dark backgrounds is poor. I found it a bit difficult to read.

Also I think you have mentioned the same project twice - give.net and Stewardship. Looks quite similar.


Hi Dan,

here it goes:

  • I like it’s clean and well structured.
  • the text can be hard to read with the pink and purple background. Maybe increase the opacity for the color so the image is faded away a bit more?
  • It’s cool you explain in each case what you did. I think i would add more problem solving with befores and afters, and explain why you made changes from UX perspective.