IconDrop - feedback for productivity software


Guys, I created a desktop app which is essentially a catalog of SVG icons that you can drag’n’drop directly to Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator, so in the end making it easy to search, preview and use icons!

Hope you can give a try: http://icondrop.io/

Any feedback is welcome.


(Imagine this in all caps)
My goodness, it works just like it does in the video and that’s cool!!


Looks promising. My only issue is there any way we can also use SVG icons like at the moment we can do it for .PNG.



Sorry, I didn’t understand your phrase…
You want to also be able to work with your own PNG icons in my app?


Hey, just wanted to say I still use IconDrop. Even the free version has plenty of stuff that has been relevant for my projects. Thanks!


Cool, thks for reporting. If you wanna go PRO to use the icons from the store, let me know…