I would love feedback on my portfolio!




1.) What are your overall impressions of the home page? DESCRIBE the look and aesthetics of the opening banner?
2.) On the homepage, DESCRIBE the set-up of the portfolio pieces?
3.) On the homepage, DESCRIBE the footer with the portfolio pieces listed for clickable action
4.) How would you describe the organization of case studies?
5.) What are your overall thoughts on the about me page?
6.) How would you describe the contact me page?
7.) Usability wise, how does my site fare? Color schemes, clickability, etc.?`


This’ll be a long one boyo.

Here we go:

  • The abundance of white space above your header menu distracts me from the main page and makes me look up to the web browser bar.
  • Logo looks crisp.
  • ‘Home’, ‘About Me’, and ‘Contact’ are noticeable, yet not attention demanding. I like this!
  • I like how simply, “Hi!..” and “Not your…” stood out to me.
  • The length of your introduction feels reasonable to me.
  • To me, “Interest in interactions of other people” (1st Para.) is not an “Experience” (2nd Para.)
  • You also used the phrase “these experiences” twice in the same paragraph. That you wouldn’t use a pronoun or something for the 2nd instance doesn’t make sense to me.
  • It looks like I would find at least an image of a phone if I scroll down.
  • I like the orange buttons. They are easy to read and give me what I ask for.
  • The Case Study Cards seem a bit large for the content that each of them have.
  • I know what each icon will do if I click them.
  • The locations of the icons feel low on each page.
  • Again, I assume the top one is either the most important or the most recent.
  • “Hello, I’m Perry, a UX Designer.” Seems repetitive to me after coming from the main screen and seeing that same message. However, that repetition makes sense to me if people come to this ‘About Me’ page first - without ever arriving at your main page.
  • I like the look of the orange dots.
  • I don’t know why you started using circles here though. This is the only time your page uses circles.
  • Your use of the orange dots is inconsistent. Some of the dots are hyperlinks (My Resume, My Portfolio, Contact Me) and some are not (Summary, Experience, Education).
  • The length of your main paragraph here is nice!
  • The length of each portion in your resume feels nice too. (You seem to have a knack for copy sizes. Nice job!)
  • Your main paragraph is useless to me. It. has no new information than the main page. (Again, this is assuming that I came to this page after having read your copy on the Main Page).
  • The ‘Summary’ paragraph is a nice statement on your UX standards, yet it has no direct correlation to the rest of the resume I see here. I wouldn’t call this a ‘Summary’.
  • When I scan through the ‘Experience’ section, I am surprised how easy it is for me to find what I’m looking for. The font sizing you used did a good job at this!
  • That said, I don’t like reading in the ‘Experience’ section.
  • The word “Skills” seems to me to be in a weird place.
  • (Side Note 1) The majority of content on this page is noticeably larger than the majority of the content any other of your pages.
  • (Side Note 2) The order of the icons on the footer (email, LinkedIn, twitter) is inconsistent with the order of the icons on the ‘Contact’ page (email, twitter, LinkedIn).
  • To me, your site appears easy to read/scan, with an understandable navigation system - for the most part, things do what I thought they would do.
  • I never felt lost in your site.
  • (Side Note 3) I wouldn’t assume that just because people can see that they can scroll down, that they will actually scroll down. If I was looking to, for instance, click on a button on your main page and find your case studies, I would never achieve that goal with your current setup.

From what I can tell, you have got a decent amount of background experience to help you out Perry. So good luck on your job hunt!



Thanks for your detailed feedback! I went through and made some changes!
1.) I moved the header up to get rid of wasteful and distracting white space.
2.) I adjusted size of case study boxes to me more uniform and appropriate.
3.) I fixed the opening paragraph to account for interests and experiences.
4.) Adjusted footer to not be as low.
5.) Made appropriate changes to “about me” page.


Hey there! I gave you my textual feedback in Slack, so I won’t repeat it here. I just wanted to show you what I see on my pad.

But I couldn’t get the picture to upload. PBKAC :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t see your logo on the left (all I can see is rager) but I can see all three ‘buttons’ on the right.

PS - To others, should I post my other feedback here so that people exploring portfolios can see it? Would that be helpful to the community at large?


Thanks for sharing that! I was able to make the three buttons on the right responsive, having trouble with the logo and name on the left, for some strange reason.


I would appreciate seeing such feedback here. (I’m not much of a Slack person) :wink:


Here’s what I posted in Slack

1.) What are your overall impressions of the home page? Do you like the look and aesthetics of the opening banner? – I agree with Ashley in that it feels a bit off. The only concrete thing I can offer is that I had to maximize my screen in order to see the whole thing; meaning the word “contact” and your logo weren’t visible. Is that what one would consider being responsive?

2.) On the homepage, do you like the set-up of the portfolio pieces? – I do.

3.) On the homepage, do you like the footer with the portfolio pieces listed for clickable action? – I don’t understand. In the footer, I see contact information and links to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.

4.) Are my case studies organized in a clear and easy to follow manner? – Yes. On the Marta one, I recommend making the text example screens more delineated from each other. At the moment, it looks like a haphazard conversation in a cloud.

5.) Is my about me page relevant, easy to read, and interesting? – Yes.

6.) Do you find my “contact me” page to be easy to use? – I did.

7.) Usability wise, how does my site fare? Color schemes, clickability, etc.? – I like the color scheme, but there is an awful lot of white and it feels harsh. Maybe there’s a way to soften that effect?

Overall, I found that you inconsistently have outlines around web pages and example screens. I recommend making sure all of the screens across all your examples have outlines. My personal favorite is the grey one you have at the bottom of the Williams Sonoma page.