I will design for you


Hi friends,

If anyone needs a helping hand with UI, Product, or Landing Page design please get in touch. I have some time on my hands that I want to devote to experiential and portfolio-building work – so I am willing to do some design and concept work for free.

Don’t throw the whole kitchen sink at me, but if there is a side project or interface that needs work please send me a message or reply down here.

You can see some of my design work here: https://www.behance.net/narek599f

Not sure what level of response I can expect on here, but I’ll try my best to help out as many people as I can handle.



Very cool. If you’d like to reach a wider audience, let me know and I’ll get this post tweeted out.


If you’re bored feel free to have a crack at a concept for the home page of my website- it’s driving me crazy! I’m not a fan of it at all! I’ve hit a bit of a wall on that page :frowning:

It’s just the landing page that I could use some new ideas on :slight_smile: