I need your help UXers!


Wondered if you guys might lend me a few minutes of your time to help me complete a 3 minute survey on thedigest.org

In return you get free stuff from our shop! Hope u can help guys



No stress – done.
Can I offer a suggestion? It would be good if the question about platforms was multi-choice. I’ve done training courses from several of those sites.


Done - surprised CareerFoundry wasn’t on the list, unless I missed it - so I just answered other


There were 3 or 4 of the main ones that I’ve reviewed that weren’t on there. Check out uxtraining.com for instance.


Added uxtraining.com and careerfoundry.com to the list. Honestly, never heard of them before.

What were the other ones you had reviewed @HAWK?


Ouch! ha ha (I’m a current CF student)
the main part of the UX Mastery site under Resources? has a list of training options with star ratings and reviews, I’d suggest you check that out. Was General Assembly on your list?


lol whoops!

It seems a lot of sites offer a yearly membership/one off fee. I’m considering a more low cost monthly fee where the user can opt in/out at their own discretion

Any other sites I should know of offering the same deal you reckon @SteveCrow?


Did you have Lynda.com on your list? Otherwise I’d check out all the online schools targeting those interested in technology, online learning is huge at the moment.

PS: I was just given a heads up about DesignLab which seems to be a fit for what you’re looking for - at least one person on the Career Foundry Slack channel liked it.


uxtraining.com do a monthly fee I believe.


UXBooth have just published a review of the DesignLab course. I also reviewed their IxD course a while back.