I Need Your Help - Feedback And Recommendations For A Car Parts Site


Hi Guys,

I need some help with the layout of the site, its functionality and general constructive criticism. The site itself is no where near being complete so please appreciate a few tweaks needed along the way. For example prices will ONLY show for your country based on IP address at a later stage but for now in testing mode it shows ALL and we are currently still gathering prices.

To summarise anyone that has bought car parts in the past knows that its not as easy as buying a single part and it fitting the process is usually:

Select your vehicle from the selection boxes or enter your licence plate then choose your part.

Where other sites will now leave you to compare all the specifications and decide what the differences are by yourself. Compare The Car Part does all of this for you. By scanning the web for product details prices and more!

If there is more than one part type we will ask you the simplest question that will allow you to see ALL the compatible parts leaving you to choose the best price, closest part to you or favourite brand!

The site has been designed with mobile in mind.

I would really appreciate your feedback:


One of the hardest bits is that where most sites would show you the products that fit and an add to cart, we are showing you all the equivalent parts e.g. different brands and THEN showing where you can buy it from. So this has been the hardest bit for layout and UX.

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Overall, I think it’s a good product but the elements in the website frustrate me a little bit. The spacing between the objects are not always the same, so you will need to check the details once more.

The idea of cards on home page is fun, but in my opinion, the shadow is a bit too strong. I recommend you read this article Light and shadows - Material Design. It’ll help you to decide the shadow intensity. :slight_smile:

Also, maybe you should think about the buttons, they are a bit different from each other and in the same section they are exactly the same. This article will help you Buttons - Material Components for the Web

I hope i’ve helped you :smiley:


Hi there,

Had a brief look, one issue for me is.

The search doesn’t work until you pic make/model/engine size/year
Yet the button state becomes clickable before this, however nothing happens.

Also I could see a user wanting to pick the make, model and year and ignore the engine. If you think of a customer looking for body panels and not engine parts.

Be worth researching some scenarios, visit a few garages and see how they currently repair cars and source parts.

Good luck.