I need help


Hello, could you answer some questions?
Does the UX designer work on the back end, not just on the front end?
Apart from research, wireframing, testing what goes into work and in the everyday work of a designer ux?
I await your answers and thank you in advance!


The visual side of UX design is shown entirely on the front end, but things like data privacy and security (which are done entirely on the back end) are UX concerns as well. UX work requires front-end focus, but advocacy for the user on backend designs.

Communication. UX professionals sit at the center of everything - we’re one of very few groups (if not the only group) within a company that touch on business, technology, user, and design concerns. This leaves us well-placed to facilitate cross-team communication within our organization.

Sometimes this mean writing emails, attending meetings, or searching down folks for 1-on-1 conversations. But it always means keeping a focus on getting everyone on the same page, with a focus on the users and their needs.


I would add that UX decisions stand on:
So, a UX designer needs to know the capabilities and restrictions of back end. Also, UX decisions can play a major role in selecting the platform, language, database engine etc. for back end.


I totally agree with what @dougcollins is saying.

Thinking, with that I mean thinking everything through. Finding new solutions to solve problems.

From my experience, altought I am a UX/Product designer now, it is very handy to know the possibilities of the front- and back-end. I’m still using my front-end skills a lot, if not with writing code myself it is to help the development team. Since I want designs to be pixelperfect for 85% - 90% I need to be able to communicate on a certain level. Design is very important to me, since I think that it’s having a great impact.

Back-end I haven’t really used so far. Creating a clear briefing of what needs to be done, with a design that’s understandable and explained I think you can get far enough. The development team I’m working with is capable enough to think this through themself and I also trust them in this. As long as the communication is good.

I hoped I helped you sir! If you have any questions feel free to ask them of course.