I need help! What usability issues can be automated?



Hi everyone,

I started working on a free Chrome extension that checks for common usability issues on a webpage. Right now I’m compiling a list of possible issues that can be automated:

  1. Avoid using broken links
  2. Avoid horizontal scrollbar
  3. Use descriptive link labels
  4. Provide contact information
  5. Avoid uppercase letters in prose text
  6. Use valid HTML
  7. Mobile support
  8. Font sizes too small

Do you have any other issues that can be automated?


Hi there,

Sounds nice! Maybe have a look at Google Lighthouse since they also check some of the things you’ve listed. You might get some extra ideas to add to your Chrome extension there.

Ideas that just popped in my mind:

  • Is the colour contrast high enough
  • Are buttons big enough


Are links within paragraphs of text, too close
Are mobile pages zoomable


Google Lighthouse is an awesome tool to use but I’m thinking more of issues that you usually find in a webpage when conducting usability testing. Of course, I’m thinking about issues that can be found automatically.

For example inconsistent link styling, longer line lengths (>100 characters) or clicks on areas that look like having an action on it.