I need help getting started


I have done my graduates in BFA applied arts from Nagpur (India). Now living in Mumbai.
Have around 9 years of experience in graphics designing
Recently I was working as an artwork manager at Mirriad advertising where I was handling creative artworks for embedded advertising and now working as a Freelance creative head at one of the startup Adagemedia.

In last few months I completed course of UX jumpstarter from Imaginxp.
Now I am searching a job in UI / UX industry.

I have started applying jobs on linked-in and naukri.com but I am not getting proper response as expected. Its difficult to figure out what could be the problem. Few of possibilities I can list down bellow -

Is it because I don’t have Relevant experience?

Is my resume not strong enough?

Are there any drawbacks in my Portfolio?

Is it about salary package? As I know I will be on entry level to UX field I am not expecting that much. But then Please tell me how much shall I expect?

Is it because I took a gap and working as a freelance now?

For which positions should I apply - Visual Designer, UI designer, UX designer or something else?

What are the possibilities? Will you please guide me revel the actual problem? I really want to get into this industry and I am eagerly searching for a job. Please help.

Information that will change our lives. ;)

Hey there – welcome. :slight_smile:
You are not alone – your challenges are ones that we hear a lot.

Are you comfortable sharing your portfolio here? We can give you feedback and guidance.

Experience is often the sticking point, which is frustrating. Try to spend the time that you’re looking working on real world projects (pro bono if nec.) to build up your experience and add to your portfolio.

That’s really up to you. What job do you want?

I don’t have personal knowledge of the market in India, but I did find this:




As you mentioned you have an around 9 years of experience in graphics designing. So let me know one thing have you worked on User Interface design before?


Quite possibly. Experience is king in the UX world.

Again, quite possibly. We’re happy to do a resume review with you, if you’d like to post it. If you don’t feel comfortable posting it, please feel free to PM me a copy and I will give it a once-over.

It’s impossible to say without seeing it. If you’d like to share, we’d be happy to help!

According to PayScale.com, the median salary for a UX Desinger in Mumbai is Rs 605k/year (for our American friends, that comes out to be a little less than $10k/year.) Worldwide average is around 7x’s that.

This likely effects you less than you might think.

You’d likely have more success as a UI Designer. UX is a field requiring specific knowledge, and unless you’ve done some self-study to get yourself into a position of knowledge, you may not have the right combination of knowledge and skills (yet) to make a UX job fit.