I need advice regarding navigation systems



Hi! I’m currently working on the navigation for a groceries ecommerce, the main menu is like every other dropdown menu with 3 levels, but they don’t want the customer to go to the third level directly, they want the user click the first level even tough the third must be visible because of SEO. They show me ASDA as an example of what they want, the menu doesn’t close, when you click the first level it shows you the second level, but at the same time it refreshes the page below the menu, here’s the example ASDA NAVIGATION

I’m not sure how I feel about this, what do you think?


Hi there – welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Interesting question.

Wow - I’ve never seen nav like that. While it’s certainly not what I expect to happen and the refreshing below is a bit distracting, I didn’t find the experience unpleasant.

I’ve also never heard of people keeping menus on display for SEO reasons. Doesn’t make sense to me because until they click the top item, the first level aren’t displaying anyway. I might be misunderstanding you though.


Sounded terrible when you described it but when I tried it, it seemed simple enough. I think Ocado may be simillar. Do you have some guinea pigs you could try the Asda site on?

One issue though was sometimes they are using 3 levels for the sake of it when there is only 1 option on the third level. For example:

World Foods > Kisher > Kosher Food Cupboard
What is the difference between Kisher & Kosher Food Cupboard?