I know a great UX recruiter in the US if anyone needs one


I was told by an IT recruiter (who specializes in networking), that a good agency for placing UX in US was Creative Circle.


I hope someone might find this helpful.


Breaking into UX - advice?

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.
(I’ve edited your title slightly to make it more obvious at a glance what the topic is about – hope that’s ok!)


That is fine!

Any info I can share, I will!


Thanks Mel!

Super helpful to know of a trusted recruiter to add to the netowork.


I want also to work in US, Kindly tell me what can I do?


I know nothing about how to get a work visa. this is just a recruiting
agency I was told who placed people in the UX field.


can i send you my CV?


Hi @shiv17prakash

You need to contact the recruiter yourself. @meltechs is simply providing the information. :slight_smile:


so @meltechs , please provide me the details.


The details are in the link that @meltechs posted in the first post of this topic.


oh thanks hawk…