I have news!


Sorry I’ve been a bit absent this week everyone. I started an exciting new job on Monday.
I’m working at Discourse as part of the team that builds this very forum platform. I’m doing a whole lot of things including product direction / UX / client implementation support / community stuff.

I’m still sticking on here at UXM as well – I’ve just been swamped with all the learning. It’s exciting to have a new challenge.


congratulations! :smile:


all the best for your new adventure!





Congratulations on the job!


Nice! Congrats indeed!



We’ll have to have a party. With cake.


Awesome. Congratulations!


Congrats, Hawk. Here’s to holding down multiple jobs [ clink! ].




Heh, thanks Ron. The count is now at 3. I think I’ve reached the optimal number.


congrats! :grin: