I got great offer - Afraid

Hello guy, I got one freelancing offer.
Pay is awesome, everything is paid, but problem is bescause company is located in Africa… I’m little skeptical about it :confused: what you think guys? It’s capital city of that state btw.


Can you tell us a bit more about why you’re feeling skeptical? Did something happen? Or is the location that bothers you?

I’m just trying to understand your situation a little better. I’m not judging you- just want to help :slight_smile:

I am afraid of location, it’s Africa, not most democratic thing you can chose.

Congratulations on the offer :), where abouts in Africa is the new job?

Moving locations can be quite scary, especially if it is to a completely different place!
Like Ash I would ask a few questions from you, for instance:

  • Are you looking for experience or a long term job?
  • Do you mind travelling?
  • Have you done some research on the area of the job offer, like accommodation, security, groceries/shopping?
  • Is the offer with a company that you think you can trust to look after you?

There are lots of factors that are involved in making this kind of decision :).

Hi designo.

You have good reason to be wary and should do your homework on this. Where are you based yourself? And when you say “everything is paid” do you mean the company is offering to pay relocation costs? If the position was for a salaried role then it might make more sense, but the idea of helping someone to relocate without offering them a permanent position is unusual, and does sound a bit suspect.

I would echo Natalie’s advice and urge you to do some more research. Have you had any Skype interviews? Is the company a reputable brand? And given your concerns for your personal safety, what actions are they taking to address those concerns?

Is this your first freelance job? If not, I would strongly recommend you begin freelancing with a client who is local. There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to working for yourself—you don’t need to add “personal safety in an unknown country” to the list!

Hope that helps.