I could use some help with a survey for a project



But just a note: You could add an extra comments box for clarifications. My reading habits differ depending on the duration. While riding the bus under 30 minutes, I hardly consume any content. If I use public transport to far away places that take more than 45 minutes, I usually read a book on my kindle. I can say the split between me traveling over 45 minutes and under 30 is about 50-50.


I attempted it but I never take public transport (the public system here in Auckland is awful) and that wasn’t an option.

I quite like how the form is embedded and still functions as a Discourse post here. I haven’t seen that done before.


Done! I don’t use public transportation now but I used to ride the BART subway system into work and so I answered the questions from that perspective.


I also love how the form has been embedded, never seen that before either! I thought it was a screenshot :wink:

I work from home and public transport is very limited. I filled the form in anyway whilst having in mind a trip to the city.

So maybe for people like me the ‘How often do you use public transport?’ question puts an end to the whole thing since I’d only use public transport 2 or 3 times a year and there is no option for that. So I had to lie to continue on.

I’m not sure what ‘Metro’ is so I added train.

‘What do you usually do while waiting to reach your destination?’ I thought this was asking about what I do whilst waiting - as in waiting for train on a platform. Could be re-worded.

I few questions seemed to be asked twice and could do with being conditional.

Anyway hope that helps :slight_smile:


oh, I forgot to say it’s a good idea to give people an idea of roughly how long the survey will take.
I think it was Nielson who said that