Hello everyone here is my first UX/Ui Design.please share your feedback.

I like it overall, but I still definitely see a lot of space for improvements, so I’ll quickly tell you my quick advice.

Board#1: make the circle “Circular” and the word “FOOD” should have a color that creates contrast with its background.

Board#2: try to let the word “Food” breathe more by giving it more space. Don’t make it so close to the circle’s border and make text inputs equivalent in width.

Board#3: Make the circles in the middle section bigger and less in number if you have to because this is a design for mobile. Everything should be bigger than this and clear ideally. Align the text inside the boxes in the bottom section to the left.

Good luck!

maybe you should try daily 100 challenges to help you know basic UI knowledge.
If you want to imporve ux skill , try to read some case study about all kinds of app.
It will help you a lot.

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Hi there. I have left you feedback and questions inside the prototype link.
Would be nice next time to give us a background story to the product you are trying to develop :slight_smile:

From the link you shared I am assuming you are someone who just tapped into graphic design.
Also, as another user already mentioned I would recommend you to start with basic design theory. I can see that you are trying to make links between your screens but I am missing the UX touch: the user flow is absent and certain interactions are not intuitive.

100 days of UI is a great place to start right after some youtube videos I also linked in the prototype as I cant post links here :stuck_out_tongue: