How would you re-design this chat window?

I’m having a hard time redesigning the chat window shown in the image attached.

I think it looks too messy and cluttered but the website owner wants to include the message about the usage policy (shown on the right hand side).

I came up with the solution shown on the right but, as shown in the image, I included the message within a ‘pop up bubble’. I’d really appreciate some feedback on whether it works and if not, what would you change.

Thanks very much!

I think a pop-up window works, but it should be higher in the hierarchy and not within each message. Also, the icon looks like there is something wrong, so may need to work on that.

It looks like you’re trying to communicate “communication guidelines” for fairdo messaging. Is that right? The first time a user writes a message on the platform might be a good time to display this content to let people know about these guidelines. Then provide a way for user’s to access this information at a higher level. My hypothesis is that user’s will likely not care to read them at a later time within the messaging interface.

If you do go with displaying a popover when clicking/hovering over the icon, I would recommend using a different icon. The one is the design is typically used for displaying a warning to the user.