How would you like us to handle event promotion in this community?


Every now and then we get posts like this one or this one. They are usually from people that sign up for the sole reason of promoting their event/content/webinar.

My usual course of action is to remove the post and point them to our self-promotion guidelines BUT if the content is of value to you, then perhaps it does in fact have a place here.

So my question to you is this:

Are those posts of value to you? Would you like people to continue to advertise those sorts of events, or are they spam?

If the general consensus is that they are good, then I’ll create an area of the forum specifically for that kind of post so that they don’t fill up the main feed.


In my opinion, as long as they are relevant to the UI / UX field then this seems like the ideal way to handle them. I, for one, would be interested to hear about webinars and events going on :slight_smile:


If it’s an event yes, I feel these posts do hold value and agree with @jacquidow but I do feel they should still receive a gentle reminder to be participatory members in this community. They could have a lot of offer in an AMA or maybe an article.


Something I would have to say is that if they’re just trying to sell a product then I would call this more spam, for example one of the links above was to a webinar trying to sell a piece of software.

Maybe there could be rules or a structure to their posts where they have to say something about advertising? Give us more info up front rather than just a link?


All excellent ideas.

I’ll chat with @Lukcha, but I think the best way forward is a separate area and clear guidelines around communicating details.

Thanks for your input.


Hi Sarah,

i hope I understand you right.

For my opinion the webinars are of great value and a good thing for you members.

The webinar speaker is a experienced person (i herd him on a fair) and the content he deliver t ohis audinece is also great.

I work for cx/omni but the spaekers are from other companies (no self promotion, we do software:)).

I think a new area for webinars is a big advantage for community.

But the Event Category are also fit to the topic.

Please let me know if the post is ok or what the further process is.

Thank you in advance and regards,



Thanks Thomas – the post is fine.
This wasn’t intended as a criticism of your post – I was checking in on the value to the community in general and I think we’ve reached a good consensus.


Here you go: Free Events and Resources