How would you approach designing voice UIs (not assistants or chatbots)

Hi! We are building a developer tool that enables adding voice user interfaces to any website or application. We’ve seen that not a lot of designers know that much about designing for voice and there’s not that many designer tools that would make designing and prototyping this kind of user interfaces feasible.

There are some of course for voice assistants and smart speakers and other kinds of “conversational voice”, but not for adding voice to your existing user interface.

We’ve written our voice UI guidelines Speechly Guidelines for Creating Productive Voice-Enabled Apps | Speechly, but do you know of better resources? How would you approach the problem if you would get a task to design voice user interface to an existing application?

Which tool would you use? Adobe XD has a very simple voice functionality, but if you want to create a real-time voice user interface, that can’t be prototyped with Adobe XD. It’s rather based on a simple question-answer kind of use case.

Here’s a simple demo we created for eCommerce, for instance. How would you prototype this kind of functionality? Voice Search and Filtering in E-commerce - Speechly Demo - YouTube It’s not possible with Adobe XD, at least.

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There are people in UX that specialize in Voice or what we call Conversation Design. There are even books and courses on the topic.

There are other tools that are better to use than Adobe XD. You might want to look at Voiceflow.