How would a Popup behave on an iPad or Mobile phone?



Hello experts! Have a small query…
If I’m using popups or lightboxes for the Desktop version, how would be the behavior when I use it on an iPad or a phone? Also when I’m interacting with it by using the browser BACK button. Will this reflect on poor usability or user experience?

Any tips or links?

Thanks so much,


hi @roland_decruz

you have already the answer, if you are using a framework you should check how it reacts to the different breakpoints you want to deliver to your users. You should ask for help, or you should do double check, to developers because sometimes you have to customise some behaviours.

again if we are talking about a framework you should check how it manages such scenarios.

My tip is to check the frameworks you want to use, create some quick and dirty prototype to analyse how the output is rendered according differente devices and user agents. Would be great to do that before starting coding the app :slight_smile:


@dopamino, much appreciate your response on this one. Since we are using bootstrap framework in our existing application, will try going that way first. Any other UI frameworks do you recommend?


you’re welcome.
The Bootstrap modal (dialog, pop-up whatever) is called “modal-dialog modal-lg” where “modal-lg” is the breakpoint (xs, sm, md, lg).
I am a big fan of such component because, in my opinion, it’s easy to customise as the full framework.
I don’t know what your app is built for and I can’t say if such framework is fitting all your needs, what I can say is that this product is almost a standard in the responsive world.
You will find a lot of resources to learn, to manage and to customise the full list of widgets and components.

Right now I’m working a lot with Bootstrap and Angular JS and I’ve to say that’s a great combo!