How to...?



Hey folks,

I’m hoping you can help me with a project assignment. I’m supposed to present a topic of “How to…” I think a good topic would be “How to analyze (maybe provide feedback on instead) a UX portfolio.”

The presentation is only supposed to be about 7-10 minutes. Would you please describe your thought processes when you review a portfolio. I do the best I can when I review, but I want to make sure I’m not missing something important.

Does that make sense? I appreciate any help you can give.



When I review a portfolio I follow these steps:

  • I give it a quick eyeballing for general visual appeal
  • I work through the basic navigation to make sure it’s intuitive and no links are broken
  • I scan the copy to see whether it reads well or could do with a proof read
  • I ensure the basics are there – contact info, case studies, resume etc
  • I check for basic accessibility requirements – font size, contrast etc
  • I make sure I get a sense of the individual – there needs to be a balance of work and personality
  • I go through the case studies in detail.
    • Are they well documented?
    • Are there annotated images?
    • Do they end as strong as they start (sometimes they tail out a bit)
    • Do they demonstrate a cohesive UX process?
    • Are all case studies well documented or are several just there to fill in space?

I think that’s about it.


TIL that @HAWK is way more organized about these things than I am. I’m stealing her process from here on out :slight_smile:


My process is very similar to HAWK’s. I also look for why they did each step in the process. Sometimes it can seem like people are just following a script that they don’t understand. I also look for insights and how they tied design decisions to the research gathered.

Hope that helps!


@HAWK has a great process :slight_smile:
I also look out for how they think about a problem and how they went about solving it. For example, if a person just lists a bunch of techniques they did, it’s not telling me much about WHAT they were trying to solve, and WHY they chose those particular combination of techniques to tackle the problem (e.g. was there a budget or time constraint? Were they working in a team with a high design maturity or low? etc).


Thank everyone so much. It shows me what I was doing right and everything I was missing. It’s wonderful.


@HAWK Thank you so much for this. I can use it to critique my own ux portfolio :smile: