How to think about the content when we design from scratch

Hi everyone,

I was wondering what is the best way to plan contents from scratch. I mean how can I think about what best fit into the content audit when I haven’t content yet.

Thank you guys.

I don’t understand. Would you clarify a bit more?

Yea I’m not sure what you mean. If you mean coming up with the layout of a design then that is based on research and user needs. If you mean copy then it depends what you want to communicate with the audience.

thank you both. I can give a example.
When I just finished to discuss with my client of what he want in this case a therapist clinic, How can I think about the content I’ll put in the website ?

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Hi there. I think @ralphc_nyc touched on this, but I’ll expand.

I would start with user research to determine what types of information people need when they come to the site. What is the problem they’re having?

Often times, clients (particularly small local businesses) may think more about themselves and what they offer, than about the customer. So push them to really consider the customer’s point of view, rather than what the business wants to say.

This will give you some ideas about what content to include. From there, you will need to plan which formats (all text? some video? audio? etc). And of course you will need to create content, unless you’re working with a writer or other content specialist.

Hope this helps!