How to test your prototypes on a mobile phone?


I take screenshots of mobile apps on my phone and email them to myself so I can open them up in Adobe Fireworks. I use the same size as that image to create a mockup and prototype but when I export it and put it on a server to test it out, I notice when checking on my phone that the screen is not fitting perfectly. It looks smaller despite the imagine size being the exact size as other screenshots I took of existing apps. Anyone know why?


Hi ralphc-nyc,

What app are you using to open the prototype on the phone? If it’s a mobile web browser or an app using a mobile web browser rendering engine, it wouldn’t surprise me if the rendering/resizing of a fullscreen image was affected?

What kind of testing are you doing? Would a prototyping app be more useful? There are a bajillion dedicated mobile prototyping apps out there, but I can put in a positive vote for Sketch (if you’re into it -, InVision (, Marvel ( and POP (although it doesn’t seem to play nicely with the older phones anymore - I’ve also heard good things about UXPin for mobile but haven’t actually used it myself.


  • Luke


I am using a mobile web browser after uploading my mockups to my server. It indeed was affected and I tried some coding with media queries but still was not ideal. I tried the marvel app for my phone that you recommended and that works fairly good, thanks!


No worries, glad to hear it!