How to start

Hi everyone!

I am for the first time here. I’m a student of IT sector. I consider myself to be a creative person so I decided to start my UX/UI adventure. I found many articles, books and tutorials about it but… I don’t really know how I should start.

Many people say to read information from the Internet, another one say that I should start with a course.
I wonder how did you start getting knowledge and experience in UX/UI? I would like to know your story!


I’d start with a Udemy course that outlines the basics. Something that isn’t expensive but gives you enough knowledge to make an informed decision.

Check out this page. If you click on any of the star ratings they’ll take you through to reviews of the course – mostly by me. :slight_smile:


To @HAWK’s point, @deprecated offers an excellent Udemy course for on UX fundamentals (among sveral other great UX courses). I highly recommend it.


For me, I took a UX Course from, then transitioned my life to the DevMountain UX/UI Immersive course


Thank you for your responses!

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