How to start

Hello everybody,
I am a junior designer and I work on photoshop, but my study is information engineering and I want to learn everything related to UX, any tips on how to start and what I need to learn
Thank you all :cherry_blossom:

Hi, I’ve been studying UX design for 3 months and If I want to share my approach, I started by signing up into Interaction Design website first.
It’s not free but It gives you so many resources and anything you have to know.
Since I’m a member, I can send you the invitation link which gives you 3 months free if you want.

then I have had enrolled the " Dive Into UX" course on OpenClassRooms website too and it was REALLY helpful for the beginning. you can check out for other free courses too. This one is totally free to use fortunately.

I’ve been reading this book called “The Design Of Everyday Things” by Don Norman. Its really mind blowing and gives you the idea behind the designing and ux design

For having mentor with reasonable price and great ability for conduction and to keep me on track, Shift_Up startup helped me very much. However, I’m still a member out there, they use to set up great and helpful events with UX design topics each week and you can even learn coding( Web Development) by following the Drop in Coaching sessions.


Hi Roua @Roua.Mahmoud!

It’s great that you want to start learning UX. User experience is truly a vast field and can feel intimidating to anyone outside. As Alborz @Alborz mentioned (thanks, Alborz :tada:) the Interaction Design Foundation is a great resource to begin learning. Don Norman’s book “The Design of Everyday Things” is also great.

Since you are already a graphic designer, and also are studying information engineering, you already have some of the skills that UX designers need.

I would recommend reading the following articles to better understand UX design:

I hope this helps!

Happy learning!

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Hi Alborz,
thanks a lot, I appreciate your effort to give me this advice
I will check every website you mentioned
If you could send me the invite link, I would really appreciate it. :cherry_blossom:

Hi Kasturika!
Thanks for your precious advice, and I will read those articles for sure.
This helps me a lot, God bless you.

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You’re welcome Roua.
Please send me an email : so we can get in touch.

Also as we are both beginners in UX, I believe it’s more progressive to have UX partners to share ideas with.
I’ll be really enjoyed learning in a team rather than by myself so please don’t hesitate to share ideas and stuff. :blush:


It’s my pleasure to collaborate and learn together :blush:

Hey, I think you can probably go for some online courses that are free, some of them are :

  1. Hackdesign
  2. Invision
  3. Figma — Learn Design Pilot
  4. Coursera
  5. Future Learn — Digital Skills: User Experience Course
  6. Learnuxio
  7. General Assembly
  8. Gymnasium — UX Fundamentals Course
  9. Lynda UX Design Courses
    I hope you would find them relevant