How to start working as UI/UX freelancer?

I’m a UI/UX developer but I’ve been unemployed for a few months. I started freelancing on Upwork and Fiverr but it is not easy to get a job there. Anyone can guide me how to start career as freelance UI/UX developer where I can get job for sure.


I found that you’re an Indian. I suggest you visit gig4u - an Indian freelance website. I’m also an active freelancer on this platform and in my opinion, the platform has many opportunities for the freelancer. I recently find many openings available for freelance developers, writers, designers and marketers.
Also, the platform is easy to operate,
create and account, place a bid on jobs according to your skills and wait for client’s response. I believe you can get the job easily if you’ve skills and matches with job requirements.
Easy, right? Yes, the platform is secure and reliable.
Hope this help you with your career. I’d be more than happy if you’ve more query.

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I would let your professional network know you’re available if you haven’t already. The majority of freelance work I get is either from past full-time employers, past clients, or references from one of those via LinkedIn. Actively reach out, post that you are doing freelance.

Look for tech meetups and user groups in your area (even if they are doing remote sessions now). It’s a great way for people to vet each other for later projects. Offer to present on a topic. This can be good for business groups too, you can present on various UX topics directly to a potential client base. These groups are always looking for presenters.

I rarely take clients that didn’t come from one of those sources, and rarely ones that I haven’t met before. It helps skip the slow initial back-and-forth of portfolio requests, etc that cost a lot of unpaid time.

Sites like Upwork are fine, and they take care of some of the busy work like payments and contracts, but for a huge cut. Plus, their systems push you to start out too low price-wise to get initial reviews. A better option is to hunt around for contracting companies that you can sub-contract for. They’ll act as the project manager and handle the account management, and pay much better up front than an Upwork. Look through the Stack Overflow (SO) jobs site to find these type of companies. They may not post UX work on SO, but they use SO heavily so it’s a good place to build a list of contract companies.

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Since you are planning to start your career as UI?UX freelancer, I recommend that you go to ui ux design courses, & I’m also a freelancer & I started learning from this platform, and in my opinion, it has a lot of different courses for freelancers. I recently discovered many courses for freelance developers, writers, designers, and marketers.
Moreover, the platform is simple to use. Search for DIgital Academy 360 UI/UX design courses

I seldom ever accept customers who won’t work from those sites or whom I haven’t already met. It aids in avoiding the lengthy, rear showcase inquiries at the beginning that wastes a considerable amount of unpaid labor.

How to Find Work as a UX Freelancer
Broadcast that you are open for business. Make sure you have an updated portfolio and personal site. …
Start small. Your reputation is everything. …
Build your network. …
Stay on job boards. …
Don’t burn out - outsource the work when you need it. For more information please visit

I’ve become really good friends with the owners of a local marketing agency in my area. Whenever they are overloaded with work, they typically refer the client to me. I’ve gotten at least 1 client a month from them for a few years now and typically most return for recurring work. Hope this helps!

I’ve been wondering this too! I’ve gotten paid freelance writing work but I am trying to break into the UX field too. Right now I am doing 4 unpaid opportunities - that is probably one way so that you can expand your portfolio, since that’s important. You may have to take unpaid/volunteer things to get started. I’d love to connect with you because I recently started a startup (one of my unpaid opportunities), working with 6 other designers. (Who knows, maybe it’ll result in pay eventually down the line.) We’d love to have a developer join the team since we’re nearing the start of the development process. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn ~ Victoria Ryan Lank. I can’t put links in my post apparently so you can just search my name on there.