How to setup or conduct the Usability Testing and how to evaluate the results?



Hi Guys,

I am new to UX and trying to learn all the methodologies. I am now learning and want to try the Usability Testing process.

Can you please share your experience or share any steps/process for doing a Usability Testing? And then when you gather all the details from the usability testing, how do you then evaluate the results?

Thanks a lot in advance!


hi @uidesigner_at
when you say “usability test process” what do u mean?
Qualitative test, for instance, interviews (offline and/or online)?
Quantitative test, for instance, like A/B test?
Something else?

In my opinion, as UXs, we don’t have any rabbit in our hat. The right usability test set-up depends on business goals, size of the project, team capacity and etc.


Hi Mandy (@uidesigner_at)
You might find this list of UX techniques useful. Happy to expand on any of them further if necessary, but that’s a good starting point.


Thank you so much HAWK!!! This is exactly I was looking…



I wrote a bit about my experience of setting up a usability testing lab here Internal Usability Testing Labs. Since writing this I have also gained experience in using online usability testing tools too. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.