How to relay negative user testing results to developers?

Hi there, I just started my first UX role and my first task was to conduct usability testing for the companies website.

The feedback was more negative than positive for the most part and I am worried about how to relay this in a constructive way to the other team members / developers. The only reason for this, being, that I had to pitch the usability issues that I could see to them before I conducted the testing.

A lot of what came up mirrored what I had already said and I am worried that the developer will think I somehow skewed the data in my favour.

Any tips on how to present the findings to them without sounding like a biased a**hole? Thanks guys

Hey UX_Junior93!

I would say that tracking any issues coming on the interface/product is part of the job, I think you already know that! And if you want to be sure that the devs know it too, I advise you to have this short introduction of your role or just a reminder of it.

Something that sounds like “My goal here is not only to giving you a list of good and bad things but just discussing what happened during the test and what we should do about it.” :slight_smile:

About the fact that you think they might think you skewed the data… Well, the only thing you have to do is to show that you are clear in your test and your data. Don’t hesitate to introduce the method, what the participants have to do, the data table you have… Anything that lets them see what you’ve done. That does not mean they will take a look at it, but it proves that you have nothing to hide (It depends on your situation, I’m currently an in-house UX Researcher so it could be different if you’re not your choice!:slight_smile:).

I would say that you have to keep in mind that this is more an “Ok, Let’s see what people say, and what people do and why” more than just reporting it without anything else. It’s easier if you give not only the result but the food for thought that comes with it. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that’s pretty clear, don’t hesitate to tell me but if you take some time to explain to them what happened and why it will be less brutal!

Good luck!