How to reach more clicks


Hey, hi, hello : )

this is my first post here and I want to ask You - UX experts! - about few things because obviously I’m not an UX expert.

It’s all about my new website -> (this is a article).

Purpose is to let people click on products on table as lot as it possible and the orange buttons through the text.

Here’re my questions:

  1. What about photo in header? Keep it or remove it? Now should be on 100% above the fold?
  2. Isn’t paragraphs to wide? Text should be more narrow?
  3. Color of buttons - right or wrong?
  4. Links - color of links, color of hover?

I don’t even know what should I ask more… so if You have any ideas how to make it better to reach the purpose - which is best % of clicks on buttons and products in tabel - please let me know : )

Thank You!


Why do you want more clicks? To me a good user experience is one where you have to click as little as possible.


maybe my descryption was wrong - I don’t mean ‘as much clicks as possible’ in a spamy way but the way when color, size, place and others dosen’t make you sick but they 'inspire" to click, to find and use data behind the buttons and tables.

The same about the whole page - font size, link colors, graphics, photos… I want to catch some knowledge about those ‘first-level’ information. Previously I did everything as I did, now I want to do it more consciously.


Well, if you want people to click the yellow boxes, show the yellow boxes. :slight_smile:

Now I have to scroll down two full screen heights before I even see a box to click on. If I wasn’t sure there was anything of value on the page I would probably only scroll a little before leaving for some place with actual content.


There’s no kind of “best practices” in coloring buttons, links?

Header photo… I still wondering if it’s good or not. I want to keep balance between “click-through-rate”, usability and good look.


Hi there, and welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes, there absolutely is. Your aim should be to make them as intuitive as possible (and requiring the lowest possible cognitive load). For links that means underlining them, colouring them blue (or at least a different colour from the rest of your text) and changing their colour when the state changes.

For buttons, read up about the Von Restorff (or isolation) effect.

You’ve actually done all of this really well on your site. Your text is also clear and easy to read (although I can’t read it due to the language). I don’t think any of those things need work.

But as you say, you’re wasting valuable real estate with your header image. It looks great, but your site looks like a blog, not a sales page. If the primary CTA is those buttons, make them the first thing I see.