How to pick the right design process?



Hello everyone,

I’ve been lately digging into the Design sprint book from Google and when is the right time to use it…

  1. When you have a big challenge, but not too big
  2. When you have limited resources
  3. When you have a strong conflict
  4. When there’s a lack of creativity
  5. When you want to engage your team

(I also think it’s a good way to show the benefit of a UCD process (as it gets results fast) to companies are still unsure about it.)

I understand deciding which design process to follow will depend on things like the project, the client, the team, the deadlines…but my conclusion so far is that under “normal circumstances” (having more than a week) I would use a double diamond design process (strategy, research, analysis, design and test) and use the Google design sprint for very specific situations, like the one mentioned above. Or maybe use the Design sprint as a way to validate an idea and then follow a more extensive design process. Would you agree on that?

Let me give you an example. Let’s image you are working on an e-commerce website that offer different types of travel packages. Their problem is that there are many possible combinations of their packages (hotel + hiking, premium room or not, hotel + flight…and so on) so their clients are struggling understanding the different packages and therefore picking the right one for them.

For this kind of scenario…which design process would you follow? Double diamond, design sprint, other…? Don’t hesitate if you have any question.

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I just found this interesting article that suggest a way to mix both, double diamond and design sprints:


This may be a remedial question, but would you describe what a sprint is?


Hi @Piper_Wilson,
Do you mean sprint as in agile methodology, or how Google is using sprint for this “design” book?

The Google Design Sprint (they really should have come up with a unique name) is a 5-day process to run through a design thinking filter about a challenge. There are 5 stages with activities and outputs for each stage. It is intended to amplify a slow-moving process. Does that help? :slight_smile:


Hello @jdebari and @Piper_Wilson. Yes, that’s what I meant with design sprint, sorry I didn’t clarified before :slight_smile: