How to improve UI and UX for my table

I’ve created a table for a document management system. How can I pimp it up or improve it? I feel like it is lacking something.

Hi xyuuki, can you give us some more context about what you’re designing? What problems are you designing for? What is the product? Who is the audience?

If you can share details of what you’ve been working on, or exactly what you have particular concerns about, that’ll give us something to respond to with some supportive comments. Otherwise it’s hard to help—remembering that there is very rarely one ideal UX solution that covers all situations.

It’s for my business internal use, so mainly staffs.

We need more details than that :wink:

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Here I am suggesting you some of the important point if its Relevant to your Topic then Take it as importantly:

  1. 15 Simple Habits
  2. Setting design goals for yourself Design is learned.
  3. Practice active listening.
  4. Build storytelling skills.
  5. Avoid using jargon.
  6. Never settle for one idea.
  7. Let go the urge of making things perfect.
  8. Learn to sketch.

Some general suggestions, without knowing the context:

  1. Center-aligned text is hard to read. Left-align text content, right align numbers.
  2. Universal icons are rare. Consider adding a tool tip to tell us what the icons at the right do.
  3. The contrast difference in your highlight row hover fails WCAG 2.1 standards. Choose a higher contrast color from your other backgrounds to make the hover more recognizable.
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