How to improve my portfolio to look more UX focused


I’ve been told my portfolio looks like a developer’s portfolio, not a UX designer. Do you know how can I improve it to look like I’m a developer AND a UX designer?

(I want to clarify that I haven’t finished my portfolio yet, in webs/apps I would like to show my design process)

Regards, and thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: If you can please tell me what do you think about my CV too.


Adding in the process would definitely make a big difference. We need to see the whole design process and problem your solving.

If you are splitting out UX and Dev, put that in the navigation, not apps and websites.

The way you layout your skills isn’t useful. The lines mean nothing without benchmarks.

Hope that helps!


Are you after a UX job or an Android developer job? I get that you want to showcase all your skills, but they’re very different paths.

I would consider splitting up your CV and portfolio into 2: 1 CV/portfolio specialising in UX with a tiny section/link to your Android skills, and the 2nd CV/portfolio focusing on Android development. And then for UX job applications, you can use your UX CV/portfolio, and your android CV/portfolio for android jobs.

This is a bit more work, but will be a lot more targeted and less confusing for the recruiter.

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Thanks for responding :slight_smile:
Should I put UX and UI separately? I also develop web and apps, should I put them separately too? Like: UX / UI / Apps dev / Webs dev

Okey, I’ll make 2 different CV’s. Thanks for your suggestion!


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I agree with what @lykc said that I think the best path would be to separate the two. Unless you are doing User Research, I would just say UI Designer. For the UX portfolio, I would not split anything up. It’s per project, not what the project was.

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You also need to do a spell check.

and Esthetic
On development

I’d also recommend running through with Gramarly.

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I would like to do User Research too :slight_smile: , well, I think is part of being an UX designer.

I swear I checked that word like a dozen times :frowning:

I’ll be more careful in the future, and I’ll check out Grammarly :slight_smile: thanks!

PD: I have one question, do you guys think that I should explain my general design process, or should I show directly the design process of one of my apps?

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So it is really hard to do all these jobs well. A smaller company will probably be best to focus on. These are two separate full time roles.

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Okey :slight_smile: thanks!! I’ll see if I can to do both or focus only in one!

Ok guys this is what I’ve end up doing. It’s not finished, but I like how it looks (Only the “UX/UI DESIGNER” works)


Thank you all for your suggestions and tips!! :blush:

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