How to go about finding a mentor


I’ve had a number of people approach me recently asking about mentorship – how to find one, how to establish a relationship, what to expect etc.

I thought it might be valuable to hear from those of you that ARE mentors (or have a good one) so that we can help those that are looking with strategy.

  1. How were you approached? (In person, by email, over Twitter, at an event?)

  2. How does your mentor/mentee relationship work? (Is it casual, do you have organised catch-ups?)

  3. How much time do you spend working together? What is a realistic expectation?


Great idea!

I have three mentees and I have two very good mentors of my own.

As a mentor: Here on this community actually! And the other two were in person in a former workplace

As a mentee: One was assigned to me - I had a choice in who it would be and I kept the one that was chosen for me because she’s amazing! The other I asked via email but only because I was interstate at the time. I would have asked in person because he sits two desks over from me.

As a mentor: It’s a bit random. They kind of reach out when they need me and we make it work. Sometimes it’s casual and sometimes it’s organised- it depends on what’s going on and where everyone is located. One of them is overseas!

As a mentee: Both have scheduled catch-ups with actual goal setting going on but I’m also in contact with them every day so we chat all the time. I don’t have to wait for a scheduled catch up to ask them mentor- y questions.

As a mentor: It varies. It depends on what’s going on and what they need from me. It’s flexible and we meet each other halfway.

As a mentee: our scheduled catch ups last for 1 hour and happen roughly once a month. If we can’t make it, we reschedule. We never cancel. Random chats tend to be quite quick and it’s just about being considerate of each other. It’s a relationship like any other- it’s flexible and it’s all about give and take :slight_smile: