How to get started (education, entry level jobs)?



I am very interested in getting into the field of UX/UI Design. I currently only have a bachelors in management from Northeastern Univeristy, so I am aware that I definiatly need more education.

  1. What type of education should I pursue to break into the field of UX/UI (Grad Certificate, Masters, Online Training Program)?

  2. Are there positions that I could get with my current education and professional experience (3+ years in marketing) that are UX/UI related?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question. I look forward to a response.


In my experience, potential employers are less impressed by education and more impressed by experience. You can gain this in a number of ways-- working on open source projects, re-designing existing interfaces, creating your own projects, or working on smaller for-hire freelance projects. What I’ve encountered is that real-world experience almost always matters more than a degree. This is largely because good UX Engineers come from all walks of life. Architects, writers, software engineers, teachers, trainers, coaches-- I’ve seen so many different people change careers successfully to this emerging skill set.

That’s not to say that education is useless or unnecessary. Before you can be successful, you’ll need to know what you’re doing. Whether that means self-study, working through online courses, or getting a degree, is up to you. I’d recommend you take the course of action that you’re most comfortable with.

Above all else, get out there and get your hands dirty!


Hi @justinnlorenc and welcome. :slight_smile:

You’ll find lots of useful getting started type info in this post: The UX Mastery Community’s Own Guide to Getting Started in UX


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