How to get an entry-level job in UX/UI design if there are no entry-level jobs available?

Hey everyone! :wave: I’ve just finished a one-year UX/UI course. In my country the companies usually hire for medior and senior positions and entry-level jobs are so rare. Internships are only available for university students.

So, how to get into the industry without no real company experience? I thinking about freelancing (in my country and worldwide), it could work to get some experience?

My other problem is that my English knowledge is not so advanced now (especially in speaking).

What would you do in that case? Any recommendations are appreciated. :innocent:

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Is it the same in your entire country? I moved a few hundred miles to get my first web design job almost exactly 20 years ago. Other than that, are there any agencies you could send your CV out to for some work experience or to see if they have anything? I am curious about what country you live in. UX jobs are pretty easy to get in the UK if you have the right enthusiasm.

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Thanks for sharing your perspective. I already live in a capital city, in Budapest. Here is the most job in technology in the country. Speaking about the companies, everybody wants to hire a senior to their team. Agencies have contracting opportunities for designers, but they want seniors for these roles. And I also see a tendency as senior designers became freelancers here. So I really understand why every company needs a senior. But it’s really frustrating that we’re lack of junior and intern positions while more and more courses show up in UX. So it is so hard to start a career. At this point, I don’t see any other opportunity than freelancing or voluntary work, that’s why I started this topic.

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I am in the same twisted situation in Berlin. What they told me is that sometimes even if they write 1-2 years of experience it’s more important which skills you have. So I will suggest you send out applications anyways and see! (smaller companies may value your enthusiasm more than your work experience)

freelance work it’s a good way also! the only trouble could be that you need a “licence” to get paid, so before starting with that you should be sure you don’t evade taxes :smiley: if you don’t care about the money and you just like to have experience there is also a way to do pro bon work for people, check UX rescue! all the best of luck and let me know if you hack the system :shamrock: :love_you_gesture: