How to get a job in Australia


…or New Zealand.

I currently work in Poland (since I’m Polish) and the winter here is creeping in and I was wondering what’s the best way to be always warm, all year long. So I thought of Australia and New Zealand. Any ideas how to find a job there in UX when you’re from Europe? If you hire, do you even look at resume from Europe? How much paperwork is it?

I will appreciate your answers soooo much.



Im from Australia and yes, winters are not anything like up there but the Summers are ridiculous - hope you know what you’re in for. Nevertheless we have beaches :slight_smile:
Regarding your Q. There’s definitely opportunities for experienced UX professionals here. The best and most effective way is to add recruiters from LinkedIn to be honest - applying directly might be a challenge but recruiters here are pretty active and helpful (not all, but some) . You will need to look into your visa situation and that may limit your opportunities a little in terms of sponsorship.


I’m in NZ and we have lovely weather but we have pretty tough visa rules unless you are prepared to do a job that Kiwi’s can’t do. UX isn’t one, I’m afraid. It’s not impossible but it’s an arduous process.

I believe @leo0 can give you more details. He’s currently undergoing the struggle.


I won’t be rude and ask your age @mag_sobieszuk but have a look at working visas. I stayed in NZ for a year and worked for a few web agencies when not tramping in the mountains! They only last a year but could you could get into a job which might lead to a permanent visa. Was 10 years ago so rules may have changed since then.


Do you know about the NZ Skilled Immigrant Program ? Finding a job in a country like AU or NZ can be tough unless you have a resident visa. And if you have, I believe, there is no big difference between European experience and theirs if you are qualified and fit the employer’s company.